As many offices remain closed and remote working becomes the new normal, how will sustainability monitoring adapt and expand beyond ‘the office’?

My last trip into the office was a week after the UK’s national lockdown in March 2020. At that point, the world was entering a pandemic and I needed 10 minutes to collect some items to help smooth my transition to working remotely. …

How do appointments like this reflect the values of sustainable businesses?

“We need to take back the environmental agenda from the climate extremists” Nigel Farage tweeted as a part of the announcement that he would be joining the advisory board for Dutch Green Business (DGB).

As the first member of the advisory board Farage’s role is to facilitate introductions to politicians…

Not all ‘green’ initiatives are made equal

What’s the deal with everyone seeming to care about the environment all of a sudden? Energy companies are talking about ‘clean’ energy, clothing brands are producing ‘eco’ lines, and every other ad talks about making deliveries with electric vans or how products are made of recycled plastic bottles.

Is this…

Shola Powell

Thinking about how ‘sustainability’ intersects with various aspects of life

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