Can We Stop Using Paper Straws Now?

It’s time to be honest, paper straws are not saving the oceans.

Photo by Meghan Rodgers on Unsplash

Why did we start using paper straws

Paper straws became the go-to solution to the recently abhorred plastic straw during the war on plastics. Many of us know that plastic is bad for our planet and a lot ends up in the ocean where it suffocates and poisons birds, orcas and everything in between.

Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

Why are we still using (paper) straws

Although they are a noble attempt to solve a part of a very complex and pressing issue, paper straws are a subpar solution to a problem that does not need to exist. The introduction of paper straws has been framed as a weapon in the fight against plastic straws, however many people seem to have forgotten that straws are not our enemy — or at least not the main one. Replacing plastic straws with a paper straw that does not work as well is not solving the issue at hand, and creates more waste than not using a straw at all.

Photo by 𝙆 on Unsplash

Thinking about how ‘sustainability’ intersects with various aspects of life

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