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  • Dr. Lisa Galarneau

    Dr. Lisa Galarneau

    Anthropologist, Futurist, Design/UX Researcher, Veteran, Lightworker, Democrat, and #TheResistance Activist

  • Stephanie Gruner Buckley

    Stephanie Gruner Buckley

    Writer, editor, parent. Former staffer at Quartz, WSJ and Inc. magazine.

  • Kelly Carmody

    Kelly Carmody

    Creator of HelloSocial: online course on conversation skills (www.hellosocialapp.com/course): Free 5 day email course: www.hellosocialapp.com/emailsubscription

  • Matthew Gannon

    Matthew Gannon

    Writer of “Save a Dollar, Save the Planet”

  • Ramiro Santiago

    Ramiro Santiago

    Helping mindful brands grow and inspiring a more conscious and sustainable life. 🌲Writing about Sustainability | Personal Growth | Marketing | Circular Economy

  • Simão Cunha

    Simão Cunha

    I’m searching for something I don’t know, yet.

  • Josam Nandwa Musambayi

    Josam Nandwa Musambayi

  • Ynicholjick


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